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It's difficult in this day and age for singles like yourself to find someone who has the same interests you have, shares the same beliefs, has the same goals and moving in the same direction.

Every day Intimate Adults helps singles find happiness through a safe, fun and effective online dating community. Intimate Adults is a partner of the Relationship Exchange, a network of online adult personals sites that share a common database of millions of singles. For you, this means more searches, more communication, and in the end, a successful match.  

Becoming a member of Intimate Adults is FREE. Members describe themselves as well as their dream mate, and select their interests and match preferences. They have the option of having their profile displayed in one or all three of our Communities:

Dating - The Dating Community is where you will meet people looking for casual dating, possibly leading to more or just for fun with no strings attached.

Romance - The Romance Community is where you will meet men and women seeking a serious, long-term relationships.

Intimate - The Intimate Community is where you will meet adults seeking discreet intimate encounters.

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Intimate Adults represents integrity and quality in online dating. Every member's profile and photo is verified through a two-step computer and human screening process to ensure legitimacy and seriousness. The result of this rigorous process is a dramatically enhanced user experience.
Privacy & Safety

Intimate Adults is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of our members. For this reason, members select an anonymous username and password. Unless you give out your real name or e-mail address, it will never be disclosed.

Hustler Adult Personals 

Hustler's newest site, Hustler Online Adult Personals, is FREE to join and allows men and women to find one or multiple partners for occasional sex, discreet encounters, casual dating, or even the possibility to find true romance.  

With approximately 14 MILLION members worldwide, this site will not disappoint you.  It's free to join with upgrade options starting at less than $10 per month.  

It's that easy.  So get your hands out of your pants and get your FREE membership!



Sex Affair

Sex Affair is a private online sex club for those who want to get laid TODAY.  Over 100,000 horny women looking for men to have sex with them for real.  Private and confidential, discretion is assured.  One of the best run online sex encounters sites.  If you're a man or a woman looking to have real sex, Sex Affair is the place to find it! 

What the guys are saying

What the women are saying

Ive been a part of this site for a month and in the short time i didnt even realize that i would meet up w/ a stunning fox that i have only fanticized about. You c i have always dreamed about being w/ an older more experienced woman and god believe on an obscure october day in arizona i would be looking face 2 face with a blonde fox....
y0un9s7ud   November 15, 2004

I love this site by the way. It is very well run! All the other sites are full of spammers.
scratchmyitch69   November 14, 2004


Worth the wait
To any guy out there that has not met a woman from this site yet...just wait.. i was on here for about 2 months before i even had enough balls to email a woman( im a little shy) but i finally reached down and found my balls. what a great experience we had the best sex ever..we couldnt even wait to get a room. i love SexAffair and all its beautiful women
toughpone   November 10, 2004

This site is wonderful :) and it does work....
me2_renee   November 15, 2004


Thanks for the website.
it is really nice to have this type of website to make meeting new people easy. thank you
bimpty   November 11, 2004


Feeling good
I met this guy and he came to visit. We got a room and he brought me flowers & wine. The sex was terrific and for the first time in a a very long time I had multiple orgasams and it felt really good. We made plans to see each other again.
hotandwetforyou2   November 2, 2004


wow, Just want to post my compliments to the site - met a great guy pretty quick after signing onto the site -we set up a meeting - I was so nervous! Talking on the phone helped, he has a beautiful sexy voice. And it turned out to be great. What hands! And he wasnt lying - he really loves to give it to me oral -and he knows how too! And to top it all off, hes cute too!
rachelsux425   October 16, 2004


Fantasy Match

Men and women worldwide find their fantasy match every day.  With members around the globe, you'll be sure to find your fantasy partner no matter what age, build or race you're looking for.  Fantasy Match is an adult personals site for like-minded adults looking for sex encounters with no strings attached.  If you've been wondering if you would go through living your own fantasies, what it would really feel like, or if you would ever find someone who shares the same sexual desires and willing to play it out with you, wonder no more!  A Fantasy Match member is ready and waiting for you, close to home.  All you need to do is make contact.


Don't just fantasize about the sexiest night of your adult life... experience it with Fantasy Match!

Online Hustler babes 24/7

Are you lonely but don't want to meet anyone in real life?  Chat live with a Hustler hottie - MAN OR WOMAN - any time of the day or night at your convenience.  Found one you really like?  Make a date to chat with her or him again, in your own private chat room.  Nobody else, just you and your babe for as long as you want them.

Chat with your favorite girl or guy about your most intimate desires, tell them all your sexual fantasies, then watch them do what you tell them to do, in real time right in front of you.  

Hustler Live gives you three options:

Group chat

It is free to join any group chat.  All users are able to view and chat with the live performers of their choice as long as the performers are not currently engaged in a Private Show.  The performers will chat with you and take reasonable requests to show you, along with fellow Free Video Chat users, that they are in fact live. Please be courteous and do not make unreasonable demands. Understand that the performers earn their pay only when customers are in a Private Show with them and when customers are peeping in on the performers' Private Shows via a Voyeur Show.


REGISTERED USERS in the Free Video Chat area can still watch the reduced-size video (90 x 60) while performers are engaged in a Private Show, but can not interact with the performer as long as she or he is engaged in a Private Show with a customer. Whenever the performers are not in a Private Show they will be chatting, flirting, enticing and taking softcore requests from the users in the Free Video Chat area in hopes that they will be engaged in a Private Show by a customer.


Private show

If performers are in a Private Show, they are doing whatever the Private customer is asking them to do.  Private Show customers get the full experience. They can type requests to the performers, enlarge the video window to 480x368 pixels and hear the performers's talk, laugh and moan via their computer's speakers.

To experience a Private Show or Voyeur Show, you will need to purchase a time block.  If you have purchased a time block, you may use that time intermittently (like a pre-paid calling card). This means that you can use any portion of your time in any increments you wish. For example, you may buy a block of time today and wish to use a couple of minutes later on today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. You may use a portion of your time with a certain performer and use other portions of your time with other performers later until your total time elapses. You may also use it all at once. It is your choice.



Voyeur show

Voyeur Show is available to any customer who has purchased a time block. A customer may be infatuated with a certain performer but is too shy to take that performer into a Private Show or perhaps the customer's performer of choice is constantly engaged in a Private Show with another customer. The Voyeur Show gives a customer (or multiple customers simultaneously) the ability choose to Voyeur in on another customer's Private Show by entering their Username and Password into the Voyeur Show page.


Voyeur Show customers do not have the ability to type to the performer, to type to one another or hear the performer. Nor will the performer type to the Voyeur Show customers. Voyeur Show mode keeps the video window in its standard size (320 x 240 pixels) with no advertisements and allows the Voyeur customer(s) to simply watch the action unfold. Time elapses at 1/3 the rate in a Voyeur Show compared to a Private Show. Voyeur Show customers can enlarge the video window up to 480 x360 pixels.