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Adult Sex Books


Spice up, improve and invigorate your sex life towards great sex every time you make love!


Some people prefer books to videos.  There are many who like to refer to them often, just browse the pages at their leisure and look at the pictures.  The best combination would be a good "how to sex book" with the matching video showing you the exact technique to please your partner.


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Ultimate Oral Sex Pocket Guide For Her

Written for the woman who wants to pleasure her man like never before. Learn in minutes what you'll be practicing for a lifetime!

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Ultimate Oral Sex Pocket Guide For Him

Comes with a FREE sample of flavored lube and sexy oral sex mints to help you get started right away! The Ultimate Oral Sex Pocket Guide For Him – Written for the man who wants to wow and thrill his woman like never before. Become a master of the most intimate experience a man can share with a woman!

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Complete Manual Of Sexual Positions

Learn how to hit her G-spot for fabulous orgasms,discover secrets that will make your penis come roaring back to life! And women - find out how to tighten up the vaginal P.C. muscle so you’ll both enjoy a gloriously tight fit. Here are sex positions for threesomes... anal sex positions to increase comfort and arousal... "how-to" chapters about virtually every oral sex act... and MORE! Plus, over 200 explicit full-color and black & white photos illustrate each technique described. Incredible!

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Erotic Massage Book

This arousing, step-by-step manual, with more than 100 erotic illustrations, demonstrates sensual techniques most other books leave out. Learn exotic massage techniques for the penis and testicles, the pubic mound and inside the vagina. Gently soothe your lover between the toes, up the legs, over breasts and neck. Exhilarating!

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Full color guide to better sex

Over 50 giant, full-color photos! You’ll discover arousing new variations with names like Deep Massage, Piston, Mad Plow, Double Entry, and Screw Without End. And each is erotically photographed and described in passionate detail.

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Erotic Passions Book

If You Buy Just One Item Today...Know That This Book Will Improve Your Love Life!

Dr. Kenneth Ray Stubbs Has Written A Love Manual You'll Cherish!

Easy-to-read, richly illustrated book on orgasmic massage, sensual bathing, oral pleasuring and ancient sexual positions. A must-have!


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The Government vs. Erotica: The Siege of Adam & Eve

37 armed law enforcement agents forced their way into the offices of Adam & Eve in 1986. Employees were detained without due process or access to an attorney. This was only the start of 8 years of legal battles and $3 million in legal fees that would mean the difference between survival and oblivion.

Adam & Eve President Phil Harvey writes in his own words why he became a champion for free speech as a result of tactics that the courts later said were "intrusive and intimidating" – and how for creating the catalog you hold in your hands, he could have spent 45 years in Federal prison.


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Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions

“Even if you think you’ve done it every way possible, I bet you’ll find some new ways to bend in here.”
– Libido: The Journal Of Sex

In his newest book, Dr. Ray Stubbs reveals the ancient “love scripture” known in the West as the “bible of sex.” With over 100 colorful images of lovers in explicit sexual embrace ... this book is a treasury of ideas for making love! Arousing and entertaining for lovers old and new.

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The art of the female orgasm

For Couples Who Want More Out of Sex

This sensual, yet explicit book will give the unadorned facts about many different kinds of sex. It also spells out clearly many helpful ways to share and learn from this information, to grow your relationship––and to derive greater pleasure than ever from sex.

Knowledge doesn't make the magic go away, it makes it more powerful! Fully illustrated and delightfully shameless, even the most experienced lovers will learn new tricks for many exciting nights of Satisfaction.


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The Complete Guide To Sexual Fulfillment

This concise and practical handbook is brimming with information you can use to enrich and improve your sex life. Vividly illustrated with over 300 color photos, you'll see how easy it is to create a sexy setting, to identify you and your lover's deepest sexual needs and fantasies––and then satisfy them!

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Secret Sexual Positions

Excellent For Couples & Curious Individuals!

Stunning artwork and sexual techniques from ancient sex-positive cultures such as India (The Kama Sutra), Asia, Native Americans and more. Because these images and stories were originally created for royalty, they were kept secret--but no longer! Presented in a non-threatening, non-judgmental fashion, you’re bound to learn something new about sex--and yourself as well! See how sex was regarded as a healing, joyful power to be shared and revered.

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Guide to Great Sex for couples over 40

Many ways loving couples can keep the spark alive.

Attitudes, turn-ons, and accoutrements are all fully discussed, as are the physical issues some couples might find themselves facing.  

Learn how to invigorate your sex life with these techniques.