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Aliases: Lexington Steel, Lex Steele, Lex Steel

Ethnicity: African-American

Hair Color: Black but chooses to be bald

Nationality: US

DOB : 11/28/1969

Height:  6'2"

Weight: 215 lbs

Penis size: 11 inches



Lexington Steele - 2004's Favorite Male Performer of the Year


INGLEWOOD, CA) -- the Dark Prince of Porn and owner/operator of Mercenary Pictures, Lexington Steele was awarded by the Fans Of X-Rated Entertainment (FOXE) as 2004's Favorite Male Performer of the Year. This was his second year in a row taking home the honor.

"Having won this award two years in a row now, I must say I appreciate the fact that the fans are really into the stuff that I produce," said Steele in a statement released Friday afternoon, "And that the fan following is a most personal one, because the fans are following me as an individual performer and director as opposed to the companies with which I've been associated.



A well-equipped, lean black stud with a physique as memorable as his name, Lexington Steele ranks as one of the most popular men working at the dawn of the new millennium. Bald, bold and built, Lexington's square-jawed good looks and reliable tool have made him one of the busiest men in the biz. He's one stud who really lets himself go on camera, a man who isn't shy about letting his costars know just how turned on he is. In return, the ladies he's matched up with always seem to have a great time when paired up with Lexington's massive woman pleaser.

Lexington hails originally from the East Coast, and was working as a model in New York City when he was approached to pose for some adult layouts. His obvious talents got him noticed by video producers, and he ended up shooting a couple of videos while still in Manhattan. Lexington was taken under the wing of Sin City's Michael Raven, who flew him out to California in December 1997. Within a matter of months, Lexington's carnal career was in full swing.

As even he admits, some of Lexington's early shoots were hardly the stuff of legends. As a newcomer to the game, his performance skills sometimes left him at the worst times. He soon found his footing, though, and has been one of the industry's most reliable studs for most of his career.

What he does get a lot of chances to do is show off his impressive sexual prowess. Lexington has appeared in over 450 videos already, and picking the best from this huge bunch is a daunting task. Lex's turn with Chloe in "Crystal Dreams" has long been one of our favorites.

Lexington Steele is a performer who you'll never forget, a natural performer whose raw talent and sexual allure are undeniable. When it comes to studs, Lexington Steele seems destined to go down as one of the most prolific and popular men of the decade.