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Male sexual enhancers

Female sexual enhancers

Sexual enhancement products for couples


Sexual enhancement products for couples


Whether you're looking to become a better lover or new sexual positions and techniques, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for here.  Browse our sections "how to" sex books and "how to" sex videos.


[Making Love Massage Oil]

Making love massage oil

A balanced formulation of nature's edible vegetable oils, natural Vitamin E, ginseng and aromatic flavorings are combined to arouse the sense of smell, touch, and taste. Long lasting lubricity. Never sticky or tacky. Available in a variety of subtle, pleasing flavors. 8oz


[Aroma Senses Massage Oil - 8 oz - Bath & Body]

Aroma senses massage oil

The relaxing aroma will drench your senses with desire as the massage oil works it way into your body. Just rub some Aroma Senses oil on your skin or sprinkle a few drops into your bath and let the aroma take you to a place of pleasure.


[Passion Potion Warming Lotion]

Passion potion warming lotion

Passion Potion Warming Lotion is great way to ignite the fire in your love making. By breathing and blowing on the potion you warm it up, filling your lover with erotic sensations and sexual magic.

Sex Soda

Wet your sexual appetite with SEX Soda, the herbal aphrodisiac sexual energy soda. This Sexplosive microbrewed cocktail is a blend of the finest and most potent aphrodisiac herbs from around the world.  Be sure to try all three flavors for the full experience.

Sum Posie

Think Pink, Drink Pink! A taste of Sum Poosie will push you over the edge, and there is no coming back! A great new energy drink - that tastes good too!

Sex mints

Spice up more than just your breath with these tasty mints.  Sex Mints aren't just a breath mint; they are also a great aphrodisiac. Just pop a few in your mouth and let the tingling of the mint warm you all over. Each tasty mint is sugar free with just a hint of caffeine for a nice refreshing boost.

[Erotic Confections Edible Massage Lotion]

Erotic confections edible massage lotion

Give a massage and do some sensual licking while your at it!  This edible massage lotion emits a sensual aroma of fresh fruit and warms when applied to enhance the senses.  After you have applied to your partner's body, blow softly on their most sensitive areas to create a warm tingly sensation for them! Tastes great and is less sticky than most flavored oils. Available in several different yummy flavors.


Kama Sutra Game

The Kama Sutra Game offers lover's the opportunity to explore the sensual and sexual aspects of their body, mind and spirit on a journey to experience ecstasy. The object of the game is to have fun developing a deeper understanding of what you and your lover like, to engage in an extended session of love making that builds an anticipation, creativity, adventure, and a progression of physical intimacy. It also helps to expand your sensory awareness through activities using sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.


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I-D Juicy Lubes

Delicious-Tasting, Sensuous Flavors and won't stain your sheets!  If you’ve got a taste for the lickable, wet, and wild, these four new lubes will add unforgettable flavor to your lovemaking. Safe to use with toys and condoms.

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Indulgence Bath & Spa Kit

Transform your tub into a sensual spa!  

You and your lover will enjoy hours of sensual pampering with this erotic bath and spa kit! The handy tote bag is perfect for romantic getaways. Kit includes a FREE Sensual Rhythms CD (51 minutes), made especially for lovemaking! 


Kit Includes:

Foaming Bubble Bath

Bath & Massage Oil

Scented Bath Salts

Body Scrub

Massage Lotion

Body Splash

Bath & Shower Gel

Energizing Foot Creme

Loofa Sponge

BONUS Sensual Rhythms CD

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Body Action Extreme Lubricant

Stays slippery under water, never dries out!  Make it last through any extreme situation with our new "water-less" condom-safe formula that never dries out! Smooth, silky texture lasts and lasts until you're done. 8 ounce flip-top cap bottle is easy to use.

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Scented Coochie shave cream

Say goodbye to razor burns!  Our Coochie Shave Crème has kept your private parts razor-burn free for years. And now it comes in 2 scintillating scents! Pear Berry is fruity and fun, and Green Tea smells crisp and refreshing. The heavily lanolized crème prevents bumps and rashes on your sensitive skin. Perfect for the bikini area, underarms and legs ... even men’s beards! It really works!