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What is sexual enhancement? 


Sexual enhancement basically means to have better sex, great sex even, and a more fun and fulfilling sex life where both partners participate and reach orgasm.  


What are the benefits of using male and female natural and/or herbal sex enhancers or sexual enhancement products? 


Good quality natural and herbal sex enhancers for men:

  • help him get harder erections

  • give him more lasting power

  • increase blood flow to the penis thus making the penis bigger, longer and thicker

  • increase stamina and sex drive

  • more ejaculate volume

  • stronger and more intense orgasms

  • some even prevent premature ejaculation by giving him more control of his own pleasure.


Good quality natural and herbal sex enhancers for women:

  • increase a woman's sex drive and libido, she'll want more sex more often

  • help her reach orgasm quicker and more easily every time you make love

  • stimulate clitoral arousal and excitement

  • allows for better natural vaginal lubrication as she gets more excited

  • more intense orgasms



This is all about your sexual pleasure  



Please note that if you purchase any products that contain the herb yohimbe, be aware that yohimbe has many serious side effects and it is strongly recommended that it should only be used as a prescription drug under the care of a medical professional/herbalist to monitor the results and side effects.  The pure herb is extremely difficult to find and it is banned in many countries unless prescribed by a doctor.  The amount of this herb contained in any pills that you can purchase online or in health food stores is most likely so tiny that you won't see any benefit from it and is mentioned only for marketing purposes.  


Kama Sutra sex toys and erotic products - Kama Sutra techniques have been known for centuries around the world to provide sexual fulfillment.  Kama Sutra sex toys and erotic products will help you achieve new heights in your lovemaking.


Sexual Enhancers -  There are a lot of completely natural products for men and women to help boost your sex drive and make reaching orgasm easier.  They have no side effects and are totally safe for men and women of all ages.  Whether you want to take your sex life to new heights, need help getting and/or sustaining an erection, or as a woman you have trouble reaching orgasm, you are guaranteed to find a product fit to your situation and eliminate sexual problems.  Male Sex Enhancers have different purposes, make sure you choose the right one for you.  They can help with erection problems, getting a bigger penis, boosting your sex drive, treat premature ejaculation, and so on.

Female Sex Enhancers come in many forms - natural sex pills for women to help increase your sex drive and relieve vaginal dryness;  natural orgasm creams also increase natural lubrication and speed up clitoral arousal to make reaching orgasm quicker and more easily;  breast enhancement pills and creams that will give you a cleavage to die for and attract many stares from the opposite sex;  creams to make your vagina tighter, especially after birth, that increases sensations for both you and your partner; choose the product appropriate for your needs and spice up your sex life just as if you were teenagers in heat!






The Ultimate Sex Guide:  Excellent resource and highly recommended for men, women, or couples who truly want to fully and completely please each other.  Extremely high quality videos that show you in explicit details how to please your partner in every way possible.  Although sex acts are performed on video, it is not at all pornographic, but very instructional with good voice instructions that match the actual sexual act.  Website mainly dedicated to men and how to become better lovers, but women who also want to learn how to make love to their partners can greatly benefit from this top notch site:  sex positions - foreplay techniques - anal sex guide - oral sex advice - masturbation.  


Tondra Sex Tutorials

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As a member you'll get:

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Weight Management and body fat reduction


Herbal Phentermine - Herbal Phentermine is a non-prescription appetite suppressant that is 100% natural and safe. Scientifically designed to create the similar effects of the popular prescription version, Herbal-Phentermine works to increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite, burn calories and increase energy.  All natural supplements can support a safe and effective weight loss regimen. Natural supplements give you an excellent alternative to prescription strength appetite suppression drugs. These products have limited side effects, less drug interactions, and are less expensive than a lot of the prescription strength appetite suppressants available on the market today.  Money back guarantee.


Lose weight!  - diet patch.  For those who don't like taking pills or can't remember to take them.  Medical patches are becoming extremely popular nowadays, they are used in many areas such as to quit smoking, headaches, pain killers, so a weight loss patch is no surprise! They work the same way and offer the same benefit.  They're just easier to use and you don't have to remember to take pills every day.  Just replace the patch according to the directions and you're on your way to a slimmer you!


Weight management with carb blockers - By far the BEST diet product I ever put my hands on!  I know from experience this WORKS! -  I used carb blockers for about 3 months and I was amazed at the results!  No dieting, no exercise, I did absolutely nothing different, ate nothing different.  I lost about 10 pounds just taking these pills every day.  That's losing 3 pounds per month eating what I wanted when I wanted, no starvation, no dieting!  How do they work?  Once your body has processed all the carbs it needs for energy, the excess carbs are transformed into fat - yes that means more inches around your middle and everywhere!  Carb blockers will block carbs from being processed by your body.  Unprocessed carbs will not result into fat storage, therefore, you won't amass all those extra calories and you won't gain weight.  I'm a carb lover, so these pills were definitely the way to go for me.  If you're like me and you love bread, pasta, and other foods high in carbohydrates, you are a prime candidate for these pills to work their magic on you!  What's the catch?  Yes, there is one... if you don't change the way you eat, you'll need these pills forever.  But they DO work!


Fast fat reduction






General Health for men and women


Prevent and cure bad breath - This is BY FAR the best information you'll find anywhere, and the best part is, it's FREE!  This free e-book will tell you what causes bad breath, how to prevent and cure it, which products to use and those to stay away from at all costs.  After I downloaded it myself, I was AMAZED at the information it contained.  Quite an eye opener!  Bad breath affects nearly 2/3 of the population around the world. Unfortunately, most people don't even know they have bad breath. Do you smoke?  Drink? Love dairy foods?  Have you ever kissed someone who had bad breath?  YUCK!  Nothing is more of a turn-off when you're in "the mood" then trying to get close to your partner when their breath is truly offensive.  And even worse, what if YOU are the one who has bad breath? It's embarrassing and humiliating.  Don't put yourself in this situation.  Just prevent the problem!


Quit Smoking in 30 days or less - Stopping smoking is one of the hardest things you'll ever do in your life, but also one of the best health choices.  Why wait until something goes wrong before you quit? Stop smoking NOW!


Regrow your hair!  Are you going bald or getting bald spots?  You don't have to live that way!  This product for both men and women will help your hair get stronger and grow new hair where you have bald spots.  


Pure Youth - Reverse the signs of aging, feel younger and healthier! Orders dispatched the same day.


Sleep better the natural way, no more insomnia - If you have trouble sleeping and sleeping pills (prescribed drugs or over-the-counter) leave you tired and sleepy in the morning, this is a great alternative.  Improve the quality of your sleep and the quality of your life.


Oh no, not a pimple! - Stop the break outs, feel confident and beautiful, feel attractive every day - don't let your skin get in your way!